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JuneBox Plus

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JuneBox "Plus" contains the following products:

  • 60 – Disinfecting Wipes 
  • 50 – Disposable Masks
  • 20 – Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2 – Pocket tissue 
  • 2 – Reusable Mask
  • 2 – JuneBox Mask Lanyard
  • 2 – 59ML Gel Hand Sanitizer
  • 1 – 236ML Gel Hand Sanitizer

The JuneBox Plus is designed to provide our customers with high-quality personal protective equipment in a convenient package. Take the extra step to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe with a larger variety of Flu/Covid prevention supplies. 

    All products that help to prevent the contraction of the cold and flu (influenza) are all Health Canada approved.

    Note: Due to COVID-19 all items are non-refundable 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Amazing and fast package!

    I ordered my June box and it came very quickly. It was very beautifully packaged and totally worth the price! There were so many useful items,especially the sanitizers and wipes that were handy for everyday on-the-go use.

    Impressive packaging

    Was really impressed with the quality of the items received. Loved the laniards. Shipping was timely and the updates were appreciated. Contents will come in handy for my upcoming trips. Thank you Junebox.